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Podcast Adventure — by Bruce Hilliard Copy

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Once again, thank you all for checking out my blog. I apologize for the hiatus in entries. I’ve been busy researching and organizing my plans to launch an entertaining and informative podcast. I’m excited about the new project and I know it will be great. A huge part of its quality will depend on input from you. Some of the details that need close attention at this stage of planning are connecting with interested people, i.e. who would like to listen to it? And what content are they interested in hearing about?  How do my background and expertise fit? Somewhere they intertwine. That is a good starting line for the content of my podcast.

Please direct your ideas to:

The Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show

The Facebook Podcast Page

It’s probably best to start off with a little background on me. My bio is attached to this website but here is an additional quick rundown that’s a little bit more detailed.

My journey: I was born in Seattle in 1955 to a veterinarian and his wife (I called her Mom). They met at WSU and she discontinued her medical studies to be his wife and a mother of three boys, me be being the baby. I grew up in Aberdeen Washington. I was involved in among other things athletics and music. Music and audio production have been an overlying theme throughout my entire life. I too attended WSU and received degrees in both music and journalism. After graduating I went to work for General Electric, Sears and another major international company, NEC. All awarded lay-offs that enriched my otherwise non-eventful (kidding here) life.

I have been a licensed real estate broker for almost 7 years.

It’s been somewhat of a Forest Gump life, floating around like the feather in the Tom Hanks movie. I wrote speeches, music, news and technical copy. I was a music teacher, performer and huge rock/pop fan. I was fortunate enough to open for regionally known and internationally known bands including Heart, the Ramones, Dr. Hook, Lee Michaels and Eric Burton. I’ve been a high school track coach, radio DJ and an MC for a male strip show (remained clothed, too prudy). I’ve owned a few businesses including residential/commercial painting and party costume rental and sales.

Sounds like I don’t know what path to follow doesn’t it? That’s why I’m reaching out to everyone everywhere to help me steer my ship.

The obvious topic for me to focus would be real estate. This could include a wide demographic with topics including how to buy your first home, financing, how to prepare and sell your house, general pitfalls in real estate transactions. Anything you can think of real estate.

Music? A more universal topic? This could include specific or all genres, music and commentary or notable guests. Music theory, history or composition. What makes music good or what makes music not so good.

The podcast could even be a variety show. All topics, a single host or a shared mic with a partner or guests of various expertise. Topics could be arts, sciences, science fiction, sports, history, humor, Smurfs, vampires. Or new inventions like diet water and teflon peanut butter. The sky’s the limit. You can just sit back and listen to me make a D-bag out of myself. But please note: I’ll leave politics and religion up to someone else.

Maybe just a straightforward reading of news or stories directed to people that can only use their ears—be they driving, resting their eyes or eyesight impaired.

Use this scenario as an example. You drive to and from work in 30+ minutes of traffic. You select a podcast. What would you like to hear?

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